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Quick Cash Loan for $3000 in Oakland, Ca

Our applicant here is from a young fella who lives in Oakland, California. He needs to get a 3000 dollar loan in the next 24 hours or he has been promised by a collection agency that he have his car towed away.

He sounded quite wound up and stressed out over the phone, and as usual we tried to come up with an alternative loan other than choosing a payday lender in Oakland. There are many of these payday loan companies operating in Oakland and our applicant stated on the phone that he had tried in the past to get approved with PDL providers in his nearby area, only to be declined ever time. Hence forth, we believe him when he says his credit rating is pretty much shot all to hell.

Below is the application from this borrower and a little bit of information on why he needs the loan in his own words.

Quick Cash Loan Amount :: $3000

Quick Cash Advance Speed :: 24 hours please

Quick Cash Loan Term Length :: 14 days (2 weeks)

Have You Taken Out a Quick Cash Advance in the past 3 years? :: No

What City/Town and State do you live in? :: Oakland, California

Are you military personal (active duty)? :: No

Job Description :: Dishwasher

Choose your credit rating from below please :: Bad

– excellent
– good
– fair
– bad
– very bad
– terrible

For your security, please don’t include the following;

– ABA or bank routing #
– SSN (social security number)
– Real Name
– Street Address
– Work Address
– Name of Employer

Have you defaulted on the loan payment recently? :: No – Never ever ever!

What do you need this loan for? :: I am in the need of an emergency loan to keep my car. I am behind on my payments by two months and the collection agency has been brutal in their efforts to call me at all hours of the day and night demanding their payment. I have messed up my life financially I know but I just need this helping hand today so that I can avoid repossession at all costs.

I have to have my wheels (Ford Taurus) for work and all things in life. There is no way I can keep up with all of my responsibilities, both financial and otherwise, without a way to quickly get around town and get things done. I need the car to get to work, visit my kids who live with my ex-wife, and deliver papers. Your understanding will be most appreciated and I am telling you from the bottom of my heart, that I can pay this loan back in time.

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5 Pre-apps

  1. Larry wrote:

    I need $3,000.00 to pay of traffic tickets or license will be suspended.

  2. Bonnie wrote:

    I have been on medical leave from my work since Aug. of 2012. I am expecting a large settlement from my accident but not sure how long it will take. My husband gets Social Security and some money monthly from a trust his mother left him. We could use $35,000 to consolidate all our bills and get things under control again, but $3,000 would help us with our current situation. I have heart medication I cannot afford since my medical insurance ran out and I cannot even afford the premium for the Affordable Care. Please help, Thank you.

  3. Jennifer wrote:

    Hi I am looking for an unsecured loan for $3000.00. My fiance has lost his job and has been out of work for 2 months with no hope in sight of employment anytime soon. Does not qualify for unemployment. We have two small children and are about to get evicted and lose our car which is needed for me to get to work. And utiliites are close to being shut off. I’m in dire need of help my checks alone only cover 1/3 of our expenses. I have been trying to sell some of belongings to cover some expenses.Please help. Thank you.

  4. Donna wrote:

    Hi. I am looking for an unsecured loan in the amount of $2,500.00. I have been on Social Security for the past 5 years and have just incurred a medical bill that needs to be paid. I am paid once a month and have run out of options. Please let lnow know if you can help…thank you

  5. Julie wrote:

    My husband needs a truck for work. His boss is selling one with a blue book value of 10K-12K to him for $6000. We have 3000.00 saved but need the balance. Our credit is not good but I am on a great budget plan and slowly paying off or catching everything up. Once we have the title on the truck I can refinance it and pay off this loan. It’s a 2005 so I can’t get a loan for it. His credit score is 565 Thank you so much for considering us for a loan.

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