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Quick Cash Loan for $1500 in Bakersfield, Ca

 This is a loan application from Bakersfield, Ca. The applicant wants to borrow $1500 overnight and has a very bad credit rating and score. We see hundreds of these applications a month at CLF, and it’s fitting that this is the first app we run through here. My name is Carol, and I have written for CLF years now, and this is a refreshing type of application to post – frankly, because this kind of loan application helps me make deadlines easier during the summer months.

This borrower wants to pay back their loan in a 30 day period, or month if you prefer. I will join the list of CLF writers who want to encourage borrowers, like our friend here in Bakersfield, to be aware of the penalties on a loan like this one. Always pay back what is due to the lender on time, and avoid getting yourself stuck in a vicious high APR cycle.

Quick Cash Loan Amount :: $1500

Quick Cash Advance Speed :: Overnight

Quick Cash Loan Term Length :: 30 days

Have You Taken Out a Quick Cash Advance in the past 3 years? :: No

What City/Town and State do you live in? :: Bakersfield, California

Are you military personal (active duty)? :: No

Job Description :: Lab Technician

Choose your credit rating from below please :: Terrible

– excellent
– good
– fair
– bad
– very bad
– terrible

For your security, please don’t include the following;

– ABA or bank routing #
– SSN (social security number)
– Real Name
– Street Address
– Work Address
– Name of Employer

Have you defaulted on the loan payment recently? :: No

What do you need this loan for? :: I require this loan to pay off some outstanding bills that have added up recently, and this is to protect my credit rating. If I don’t make these small payments to my credit card, my phone bill, and my electric bill, then I will hurt my credit history. I can’t have this happen. Please help quickly.

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Days between payments:
30 for a Month, 7 for Week
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  1. kennedy wrote:

    Payday loans are fast and easy to obtain! And they can help you in those unfortunate circumstances with those unexpected bills… There are many payday loan companies out there so make sure you do your research. It’s great because you can get the money you need when you need it most and you can pay it back with your next paycheck or in installments – depending on which company you go with. Signing up is easy and if approved you’ll recieve the money with in the next day! I had to apply for a payday loan before to help with some bills – it was easy to do and such a stress reliever!

  2. Susanna wrote:

    I need to pay small bills

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