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Bad Credit Loans for Debt Consolidation 2016

This applicant actually does not realize that he is just on the edge of having a bad credit rating. While he has not missed any payments as of yet and has not been late on his rent, utilities or his credit card payments, he may soon be in that situation. As soon as he misses a payment, even if he is late for one, his credit rating will tank even further. With five credit cards all at their maximum levels most lenders will consider him to be high risk.

He has been using one credit card to pay off another credit card. In this scenario, he applies for a new credit card. They give him an interest free period if he transfers an unpaid balance from another credit card to the new one. This might be for a 3 month or a 6 month period. Yes he avoids paying interest for a period of time, however these amounts eventually must be repaid. This approach has  caught up with him and now he has 5 credit cards with all of them at their maximum levels. When he was doing these transfers, he was avoiding interest, but not repaying any of the debt that he owes.

He is about to face frequent calls from collection agencies, he may become late paying his rent and utilities which jeopardize his ability to stay where he is and he will have an even more difficult time to find a lender willing to make a bad credit loan to him so he can consolidate his debt. Once collection agencies are involved, finding someone to lend money is very difficult even if consolidating debt is the right thing to do.

His current payments with interest and monthly principle will be high due to the high interest rates of 19% or more. It will take him a really long time to repay what he owes, since the credit card companies really do not want to be repaid. They just want you to keep paying the interest so they can continue to make money.

With a debt consolidation loan at an interest rate somewhere between 5% and 10%, this client could save a great deal and pay his debt off much more quickly. He has to arrange this debt consolidation loan before his bad credit rating becomes even worse.

He also has to clean up his bad habits.  First of all focus on repaying his debt to lower the amount of interest he is paying. Secondly avoid new debt until he has this under control. Third, never miss a payment of any kind. Always plan ahead and meet the commitments to avoid negatively impacting your credit rating. Once he has repaid his existing debt, he can focus on improving his credit rating and arrange better loans in the future should he need them.

The offer to work overtime to make some additional money should be strongly considered. It would be an opportunity to create added income that could be used to repay some of the debt that he has.


What Do I do When My Debt Gets Out Of Control

Consumers get into the same predicament that this couple is in all of the time. They get into debt and need help in figuring out what to do with their debt, how to repay it and how to reduce the interest rates on their debt.. They often ask, what do I do when my debt gets out of control?

In this case they have a mortgage, two car loans and 5 credit cards that alone total $75000 in debt. They are barely able to meet the monthly payments as well as paying high interest on the credit card debt. While the numbers vary, this situation is actually pretty common. This couple is fortunate that they have equity in their home.

We suggest that they refinance their mortgage at a low interest rate and use the money to repay all of their credit card debt. Once their credit card debt is fully paid, we suggest that they close two credit card accounts and reduce the limits on the remaining cards from $15,000 to $5,000 each. If they find themselves in the same situation in the future with the credit limits max’d out on their cards at least they will not owe so much. They will save themselves a great deal of interest which can be used to repay their mortgage.

The above lays out the broad plan for this couple. Details may vary depending on their credit rating, the actual appraised value of their home and their total monthly payments for all of their debt and regular maintenance and tax monthly payments. A lender will help them work out the details to determine exactly how much they can borrow and whether this solution will work for them.

Often individuals and couples do not have equity in a home to use as collateral while still finding themselves in an extreme debt situation. There are many solutions to these situations, some good and some not so good.

One solution is to take out a personal loan at a lower interest rate, pay off the credit card debt and then focus on repaying the loan. Whatever you do, avoid missing any payments to maintain and or improve your credit rating.

Some consumers will not be able to find lenders that will approve them for a loan of any kind due to their credit rating and past payment history. For these folks it can be very difficult. They must either get serious, work several jobs and focus on repaying their debt or take other more drastic action.

Bankruptcy is another solution and negotiated payments are another. Both require the services of an investment or financial adviser who can review their situation and suggest the best course of action. Note that each solution has some issues with respect to credit ratings, how much you need to repay and future borrowing ability. They are not always the best approach to take. If you can repay the loan, credit card debt etc, that is always the best approach to take.


Can I Get Approved For A 10000 Loan With A 438 Credit Score?

Credit rating agencies use various rating schemes to rate their customers. They range from 100 to 300 at the low end and 830 to 990 at the high end. Someone with a credit rating of 438 is on the low end of most credit rating agencies. The short answer to the question, “can I get approved for a 10000 loan with a 438 credit score?”, is probably but it will come at a cost. For most agencies anyone under 500 is considered to have a bad credit rating.

Lenders considering someone with a bad credit rating such as 438 will only lend to them if they can charge a higher interest rate, if they perhaps have something they can offer as security, or charge higher fees. It can be expensive to borrow money when your credit rating falls below 500 as in the case of this consumer.

He mentioned that he missed a few payments and that he has credit card debt. He also mentioned that he had been applying for a loan at several locations, which believe it or not actually contributes to a negative credit rating. The reasons for a poor or bad credit rating might be surprising to many people.

Payment history is a big one contributing to 35% of your credit rating. Miss a few payments that get reported and your credit rating is going to drop. Another is the total amount that is owed along with the length of time of your history.These together count for 45%. These three categories account for 80% of your credit rating. Our consumer is doing poorly in terms of missing payments and a relatively short credit history.

Another area that credit rating agencies look at is the number of applications for credit, e.g. loans, credit cards etc. If they are high, then this area which counts for 10% will also drop your rating. Lastly the type of credit that you have also counts for 10%. Credit cards are not considered good credit to have due to the high cost and also the ease with which the limits can be increased.

Our consumer applying for this $10000 loan missed payments, has only credit card debt and has applied to many lenders all of which brings down his credit rating. This makes it even more difficult to obtain a decent competitive loan.

His best approach is to actually find a lender, get a loan and pay it off on time if not early to help bump up his rating. It will show that he can be depended on to deal with his debt. Never miss a payment again. This is one of the single biggest areas when it comes to causing a credit rating to fall.

We also do not know which credit rating agency quoted this score to him. As we mentioned earlier some are a little less stringent than others. It will take some time to correct his rating, but it can be done.


I Need a $10000 Loan Today

The request from this consumer who needs a $1000 loan today is actually pretty typical for many consumers. Unless they have unlimited income, most consumers  receive a certain amount of income each month and unless they match their spending to this income they end up with a situation similar to this consumer. Insufficient cash to meet the regular monthly payments plus credit card payments.

He took some time off, which means his income as an Uber driver was lower for the month. He also did not pay attention to his bills and the timing of his payments. He also spent a little more as well during the time off  and now he is faced with a large credit card payment in addition to his regular rent payment, car payment and utility payments.

Managing cash flow is incredibly important to ensure that you do not end up relying on carrying a credit card balance which generates very high interest charges as high as 20% or worse. When they all come due at the same time most consumers just cannot afford to meet the payments.

This Uber driver appears to have a fairly good credit history. He has not missed any payments in the past. He does not normally carry a high balance on his credit cards and he does not have a large number of credit cards. In addition he had a loan a year ago around the same time and repaid that loan early. All of this adds up to a fairly good credit rating which makes him a good candidate for a $10000 loan.

There are several questions that the lenders will have for this consumer. They will want a detailed list of his credit card debt, the balance on each and when the payments are due. Secondly they will also want to see a detailed list of his other payments such as rent, car and utility payments. Finally they will want to see examples of his weekly deposits into his bank account to confirm his income. This may seem a little more detailed than many consumers face, however this consumer is essentially an independent business men with a variable income. Following these steps is one way to confirm his cash flow and his his risk status in terms of a loan.

Once all of this information is provided, this consumer should have little problem being approved for a loan. He has already indicated that he will be working additional hours to increase his income level and repay his loan more quickly.


I Need To Consolidate $30000 ASAP – I Need A Good Debt Services Company

This consumer is actually pretty typical in terms of his credit card debt. He has a job as a waiter and is trying out for parts in various commercials in Hollywood etc. He believes if he is successful, his problems will be over, but in the mean time needs to address his $30,000 in credit card debt. He is looking for a good debt service company.

We calculated what his monthly payments would be over a 5 year term at 21% interest in the chart below. Not only are his monthly payments $200 a month more expensive compared to a personal loan with the same term, he is paying over $10,000 more in interest charges over a five year period. This really illustrates just how important it is to pay your credit card bills every month in full and not let the balance build where you begin to incur interest charges.

If this consumer can arrange for a debt consolidation loan at a much lower interest rate, he will save thousands of dollars over the five year term. It is really something that he should act on right away with the help of a debt service company.

His credit rating is not great, however he should be able to obtain a loan with a reasonable interest rate. He has been on time with all of his other expenses. His current credit rating is effected by the number of cards he has and the amount he owes. He needs to make sure that he does not miss any payments ever. Otherwise his credit rating will tank and make it very difficult to find a competitive interest rate debt consolidation loan.

It will still be difficult to meet the monthly payment of $500 plus a month in payments. If he is able to repay the loan without missing any payments, his credit rating will actually improve. Regular payments and paying a loan off with no missed payment dates, will reflect positively on all future loan applications. He will now have a positive track record which all lenders love to see. They want to minimize their risk as well and make loans to consumers who have an excellent track record of repayment.


Debt Consolidation VS Debt Relief Program – Pros and Cons

This consumer is having some difficulty with the amount of debt that he and his wife have racked up. They owe $49,000 mostly on credit cards which carry a very high interest rate. They have been meeting the monthly payments, however with the amount of interest they are charged, most of the payment goes towards interest charges and very little to reducing what they owe. This is pretty typical of credit card debt and most consumers who find themselves in this position. They want to know whether debt consolidation vs debt relief programs are better for them.

The straight forward answer is that for most consumers, debt consolidation is the better solution. Before we explain why, we will explain what each one involves so that readers have a proper understanding of each.

Debt consolidation involves negotiating a new loan at a lower interest rate and longer term usually. The rate and term will depend on the consumers credit rating and whether they can offer anything as collateral such as equity in a home for example. Their monthly payments will be much lower, their total interest paid will be much lower and more money will go to reducing what they owe each month. The proceeds of the new loan will be used to pay off their existing debt.

Debt relief programs involve hiring a company on their behalf to negotiate with the companies they owe money to. These companies will negotiate a lower total amount owed and hopefully a better interest rate, but not always. Again the terms depend on the consumers credit rating and the ability of the company they hired to negotiate for them. These companies that provide this service also charge fees for their service which is added to the debt that the consumer owes.

Debt consolidation is a great way to proceed since it demonstrates a consumers willingness to deal with his or her debt, they pay less interest, when it is paid off in the end your credit rating will improve and you have one payment to deal with each month.

Debt relief service on the other hand can result in lower amounts in total owed, however the credit card companies in this consumers example may file a report against their credit rating. This is a black mark on their credit rating which will impact their ability to borrow money for many years. At the very least consumers will pay higher interest rates if they can get a loan approved at all. These companies that perform this service also charge hefty fees for the service. While they may have less debt to deal with, it may not be worth the effort with the negative impact on their credit rating.

As we mentioned earlier, debt consolidation is usually the best approach to take.


$130,000 Consolidation Financing in New Mexico

This home owner is pretty typical of many consumers who need some financial help controlling their costs (interest paid) and also managing their monthly cash flow i.e. lower monthly payments. This consumer is well employed, has a decent credit rating and should have no problems being approved for consolidation financing in New Mexico.

Many consumers use their credit cards like cash, and pay them in full each month. The credit card companies reward these good customers by increasing their credit limit on their cards and next thing they know they are carrying a balance close to the new credit card limit. It can be pretty easy to pay a small credit card balance when it is under $1000, but once it climbs to more than that, many people just do not have the money readily available to pay the balance in full by the statement due date. That is when the interest costs escalate to 19% or higher and any money you save by buying items on sale is quickly lost in interest charges.

That is one of the reasons that a consolidation loan makes so much sense especially if there is equity in your home that can be used as security. A decent credit rating also helps to secure a loan with a low interest rate which can save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. This consumer will be able to consolidate his car loan, his personal loans and his credit card debt into one easy low interest loan. They also want to borrow a bit more to use for renovations of their home. All of this can easily be accommodated and secured by the equity they have with their home.